Will we print a production sample ?

Yes: Spot Color Pricing
75% of Minimum Billing, determined by size and number of colors
Samples Quantity Limited to 4 Units, And applies only to initial order

Yes: Full Color, Digital Pricing
$ 100 for First Sample, $ 50 each Additional Sample

First Print & Hold For Approval

We will set up your order for production, print the first unit, send image for your approval
Pricing is 25.00 for Holding up to 15 minutes, $1.00 per minute thereafter
If you reject your cost is 75% of the minimum billing
If you accept, the Holding Price will be added to your invoice
We will coordinate with you to minimize the charges for the holding time

Are there price breaks ?

Yes, If you are willing to tool up and/or build custom equipment to process your product, we will adjust our pricing to reflect the resulting production increases achieved by such investments. Our pricing is based on several factors including experience, labor costs. We do not have different pricing for different customers. You can be assured that the quote provided to you is consistent with quotes for everyone else. There are individuals or companies who may offer you lower or higher quotes and we do understand those are based on factors including hunger, cost of overhead and in some cases equipment that may be more suited to handle your order at a different price. We do not however change our pricing to compete with other quotes. You can be assured that our quote is our best shot at getting your business and we are in the business as you are to make a reasonable profit based on our expertise

Storing inventory in our facility ?

We have ample warehouse space to store your inventory. Some restrictions and conditions may apply and those would be determined by the product and space required. One condition is that you must supply your own insurance for all products.

Can you tour our facility ?

Yes & No, As we have designed, built and retrofitted many machines to provide our business with an edge over our competitors, we are not willing to share those trade secrets. A physical tour can be scheduled during off days or hours. We also must protect our current clients productions and any physical tour would require the approval of any client who's work or product could be readily viewed during a tour. On occasion, we would also require proof of security clearance when we are working on sensitive government orders. We do invite you to visit our show room and view some examples of our work. I would also recommend you take our virtual plant tour for a birds eye view of our facility.

Shipping Charges & Drop Shipments

All shipping charges, in and out are your responsibility. We can use your UPS/FedEx accounts as well as truck shipments. Our facility is dock high and equipped to handle individual units as well as truck and Container loads. On outgoing shipment we can provide you with blind shipments. For banding, shrink-wrapping, and multi drop shipments we will provide you with a quote based on all the factors.
Note: If you utilizes our shipping carriers, we will add 15% to the charges to cover our costs.
Drop Shipments: $5.00 Per Location

Special Handling Charges

If you product arrives and leaves in bulk, there are no handling charges assessed.
If each product needs to be individually unpacked and/or repacked than we charge $10.00 plus $ 35 per man hour.
The handling rate is charged per minute.

Special Engineered Materials

There are materials which require pre-treatment and/or post-treatment of the imprint to enable or enhance adhesion. We work closely with many ink supplier and have access to the chemists and engineers who can resolve many difficult applications.

You are encouraged to send in several samples for us to test. Pricing will depend on many factors and subject to the results you are trying to achieve. If its just an adhesion test, then the only charges would relate to freight charges. If actual production prints are required, then that will require a custom quotation and can only be determined when we have the opportunity to test the part.

Glass & Ceramic Products

Although we process many glass and ceramic products by cleaning and when required, flaming to remove any contamination and enhance adhesion, we do not expect the product to be washed in industrial washers, as the amount of ink deposited is very thin due to the process. We have had no issues with hand washing, but high heat or abrasive washers can seriously damage the imprint.
It is recommended that a trial imprint be tested. Glass Branding with Lasers, is recommended for indelible results.
Encountered Problems

Products have arrived in damaged conditions, varied sizes, wrong quantities, contaminated with mold release, fingerprints, hand lotion and gunk. The best solution is to always ship in a few more that you actually need and send in one or more units for us to test inks, adhesion and other factors. Although we do not charge you for most fixtures, the process of making fixtures may in many causes require the destruction of at least one or more units. Miss prints due to any encountered problems with the product submitted are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Production Samples / Virtual Proofs

Pad Printing is a process designed for printing on 3D products with a variety of shapes and materials. We can supply you with a virtual proof at no charge, where the copy is overlayed on an image of your product. That virtual image being 2D will not truly represent what the actual production product will look like. We recommend that you purchase a production sample or short production run to be assured that the end result is to your satisfaction.
Cost of Production samples, limit of 4, is 75% of minimum billing listed for the size of the imprint.
Should you choose not to order an actual production sample, that constitutes your full acceptance that the finished product will be printed to our own standards and capabilities.

Process Sample Requests

Should you require parts branded or imprinted to evaluate the process and quality, our charge for such service is $75.00 Per Hour, plus any plate and die charges.
Artwork and Freight charges are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Cancellation Charges
We schedule and typically begin our processes immediately after art approval. If you need to cancel your order, the following charges will apply. Art Dept Services $25.00; Printing Plates $ 25. If production has been initiated then price per item will apply or $ 100 minimum billing, whichever is greater.

Property of AblePrint/Toucan Inc

All films, artwork, screens, fixtures, pads, plates, production notes not furnished by customers remain the property of AblePrint/Toucan Inc. Items supplied by customers will be returned at customers expense

Trademarks - Intellectual Properties

In the event AblePrint/Toucan Inc is directed by the customer to use any logo, copy or other similar material it is agreed and understood that AblePrint/Toucan Inc. shall be acting solely as the Agent of the customer in the use of such material. The customer, as principal, shall be responsible to comply with all laws regarding copyrights, trademarks, patents, rights of privacy, licensing or any similar rights of protection, and shall indemnify and hold harmless AblePrint/Toucan Inc, its agent, from all suits, claims or action of any nature for damages, expenses and costs which may arise by reason of AblePrint/Toucan Inc. using said material in accordance with the customer's direction, all of which shall be considered within the scope of the aforementioned agency relationship.


Payment with Order, Check, CC, ACH Transfer
All sales are Final
All Production Printing Charges are subject to Minimum Billings>>

"Special Terms" Are Available for Long Term Contract Production


Should your credit card be declined,there will be a $25 processing fee added to your order to cover the time, expense and paperwork required on our part to reprocess.
Save us both this cost and process by verifying your own credit card standing before submitting it for payment.

Pad Printing Service Facility, Mansfield, Central Ohio

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